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Iberian loin

Iberian loin

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Iberian loin

Approximate weight


The loin is one of the noblest products of the Iberian pig.

Its mild dressing of natural spices and paprika from La Vera and its curing in our dryers, they give rise to an intense and delicate product.

The aromas of the pasture form a determining microclimate for the slow and natural curing process in our Iberian sausages, a product faithful to tradition.

We have managed to produce a range of Iberian loins of extraordinary quality with a marked artisan character.

Each slice cut, each detail of it, they show all the years of experience and tradition in the elaboration of this culinary jewel.


Iberian product from selected loins.

Raw cured sausage made with the ventral serratus muscles of the Iberian pig, practically free of external fat, aponeuros s and tendons, salted-marinated and stuffed in artificial casings that have undergone a suitable drying maturation process


120 days in our natural dryers.


Served in whole pieces with an approximate weight of 0.350 kg to 0.450 kg


Before opening the product, store in a cool, dry place,

When opening it from its container we recommend that it be kept at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees.


Once opened consume within 7 days. We recommend tempering the product before consuming it.

Net Weight

The net weight of each piece is for whole pieces from 0.350 kg to 0.450 kg

Nutritional Information (100 g)

Energy value (kcal/KJ): 1730 Kj /373 Kcal

Fats (g): 26.24 g

of which saturated (g): 40.4 g

Carbohydrates (g): 0.9 g

of which sugars (g): 0.6 g

Proteins (g): 33.08 g

Salt (g): 3.68 g



Delivery time: From 24 to 72 working hours

Organoleptic Characteristics

Consistency firm and compact to the touch, more or less regular cylindrical shape slightly flattened, with a caliber greater than 40 mm and variable in length. The casing will always be well adapted to the product throughout the surface, and may be covered with external flora common to this type of product.

Its appearance when cut will be homogeneous, smooth, rosy to red in color, without abnormal coloration.

The muscle mass will be a continuous whole , without pieces of muscle attached and with a characteristic smell and taste


Fat-fed pork Iberian pork, sea salt, olive oil, sugars, La Vera paprika, garlic, curing salts (E250, E252) and antioxidant (E301).

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muy ricos
rating 9
Joan lobel

me encantan los lomitos y no me equivoque en pedirlo, muy bueno

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